Make Ethics Matter: Take Action - Our Democracy Oregon
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It’s up to us to live our values by insisting on ethical leadership and holding power accountable. Candidate pledges offer a powerful tool to voice voter priorities and expectations, and to get candidate commitments on record.

Get candidates on record

The number one reason candidates commit to pledges is because voters ask them. Some candidates only need to hear from a few voters – some will need more of a push.

Engage candidates

Raising up your expectation for ethical leadership demonstrates that this is a voter priority. You can engage candidates through social media or show up at remote or online campaign events. Raising an issue, calling out a candidate, or putting them on the spot in public is an effective way to get their attention and spur quick action. This is even more effective when it happens multiple times, at every public event.

Build public attention

Candidates and their staff follow the media to see what’s on voters’ minds. One of the most effective tactics to get candidates’ attention is to write a letter to the editor of a local media outlet. Our simple tool will set you up with all the information you need, and connect you directly with newspapers in your community.

Get others involved

We’re more powerful working together. Share this pledge with others on Facebook, Twitter, or email and encourage them to join you in taking action.